Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) Cassettes

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SMARTBrush Cassette – Turf Brush

The ATT SMARTBrush – Turf Brush… is an extremely effective method of working sand in to your greens. Running on four nylon rollers with a simple method of adjusting the pressure exerted on the green it is equally at home working in heavy or light dressings.

SMARTCut Cassette – Turf Cutting

The TM SmartCut – Turf Cutting Cassette is designed for both Tees and Greens and offers unrivalled versatility and ease of maintenance. The bedknife is adjusted to a fixed position cylinder to achieve consistency and quality of cut. 7, 11 and 14 blade options are available to give a cutting height range of 1.8mm to 25mm (0.07in to 1in), all of which provide superb results in all situations. The optional Groomer attachment can be installed and removed in rapid fashion. It has a fully sealed gearbox and is designed for single lever action to give simple engagement or disengagement. The Groomer contra rotates to achieve the maximum effect in alleviating grain and turf density problems.

SMARTPowerBrush Cassette

The formation of the ATT SMARTPowerBrush ensures collection of debris is focused evenly throughout the entire length of the grass catcher, thereby maximizing the available volume. The bristles are made from high quality nylon resulting in a durable brush with “flex memory”. Two different stiffness grades are available. Great for collecting surplus top-dressing, stones thrown from bunkers prior to cutting and leaf debris.

SMARTSarel Cassette

The TM SMARTSarel Cassette roller, if used regularly, will prevent surface sealing of fine turf resulting from the effects of rolling and air-born silt. This can lead to decreased infiltration rates and a reduction in gaseous exchange between the atmosphere and the rootzone upper horizon. It can be used up to 20mm (0.8in) depth, and is also an excellent tool for use after top-dressing to integrate the sand into the turf canopy.

SMARTScarifier Cassette

The TM SMARTScarifier is the obvious choice for greens that already have thatch at depth. The 5 bladed 1.6mm super-tough blades, spaced at 40mm, work at a depth of up to 14mm. The brush spacers ensure thorough clean-up and effective throwing of the thatch into the grass catchers. Consecutive use in multiple directions will result in minimal surface disruption.

SMARTSpiker Cassette

ATT SMARTSpiker is an alternative method of reducing surface sealing but uses the same principles as the Sarel roller. For those Turf Managers who prefer an elongated form as opposed to a circular pattern this spiker is for you. Can be used with the triplex operating at transport speed making it a fast and cost effective aerator. Great for increasing surface soil temperature at the start of the season and helps bring turf out of dormancy sooner.

SMARTThatchMaster Cassette

The ATT SMARTThatchMaster Cassette is used to prevent thatch accumulation and cut through stolons and rhizomes in fine turf. Regular use of the SMARTThatchMaster Cassette will improve surface texture especially when used in conjunction with light top-dressing. The 2mm tungsten carbide tipped blades are spaced at 10mm centers.

SMARTUltraGroomer Cassette

With over 80 1.3mm tungsten carbide tipped blades spaced at only 5mm apart, this SmartUltraGroomer cassette ensures greens turf is maintained in the best possible condition. With regular use it is the pre-eminent solution to help minimize puffiness in both high density creeping bent and Bermuda grass thereby reducing the scalping and foot-printing that plagues these new grasses. It will remove unsightly seed heads in Poa annua turf with minimal fuss. On newly established greens it can help reduce the ingress of Poa annua by “grabbing” individual Poa plants before they get a chance to take hold.

SMARTVibe Cassette

The patented ATT SMARTVibe Cassette is the only integrated vibratory cassette in the world. With an operating frequency of 83Hz transferred through two 60mm diameter rollers there is no better method of achieving fast true putting surfaces. Efficient integration of sand top-dressing deep in to the turf canopy is easily achieved with the optional SMARTVibe™ Cassette Brush. The Brush can also be used without vibration thereby making it perform as a Static brush.

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