For Fine Turf

Versatile equipment that saves the need to buy individual machines – forget your tractor-mounted PTO driven de-thatcher, spiker/sarel roller, drag brush or sweeper/collector and dispense with a separate pedestrian scarifier, or the need to buy OEM cutting reels.


The TMSystem™ is unique, it has several exclusive SMART cassettes that will tackle everyday problems experienced on a golf course. Using the appropriate chassis adaptor kit, the system is fully compatible with all main-stream makes of triplex greens mowers and lightweight fairway mowers, like John Deere, Jacobsen and Toro (as well as ATT’s 22″ INFiNiSystem™).


The INFiNiSystem™ is the only complete walk behind cassette system. Available in 22″ & 26″ widths it is the ultimate tool for greens & tees.  Both are advanced products offering unrivaled agronomic benefits and using the latest design expertise to facilitate simple changing of the height of cut, or swapping any one of the range of turf maintenance cassettes in minutes.

The Cassettes

Whatever the objective is, ATT’s Turf Management System™ has the appropriate SMART cassette to meet the needs of the modern day turf maintenance professional.

Whether the objective is organic matter reduction, grain control, soil gas/air exchange, green speed manipulation, top-dressing integration or just mowing there is an appropriate greens maintenance cassette to meet the need.

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