The INFiNiSystem™ 22,” 26,” and 30″ are visually striking machines and are the only walk-behind ‘complete’ turf refinement cassette systems in the world today

Balanced in operation, the weight transfer to the cassette is limited because the collection bucket is mounted on the traction unit frame. The result makes the unit optimally balanced during operation and end-of-line turning, giving a more consistent height in use.

Optional pneumatic wheels for transportation on-site.

In 22″, 26″ and 30″ formats they offer much more functionality than any other pitch mower. They have low ground pressure to be kinder to turf without affecting
striping, and a programmable variable clip rate to put you in control. Add to that easy end of line turning and an in-field ability to swap power source from engine/generator to battery for total flexibility.

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ATT INFiNiSystem

ATT INFiNiSystem Tracking Test

ATT INFiNiSystem – Battery & Engine Comparison

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